Why N95 Masks Preferred By Experts In Preventing COVID -19


Since the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, the world has witnessed several waves of this virus that have distressed many regions and countries. From COVID -19 to Omicron, there are still many more yet to be discovered about the dreadful respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that leads to COVID-19.

Masks have become an essential accessory in the world of Covid-19. As infections are rising like ever, so do masks. When the first wave had settled, we all left the mask away and had started our regular life. So, one thing that amply clears is that using a well-fitting mask is only the best practical method in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

You might be wondering that despite wearing a mask, you might affect a cold or flu. It’s because while some masks are designed to give the utmost protection against the viral particles, others are simply meant for causal purposes. Therefore, choosing the best mask is one of the vital decisions you need to take to get rid of this virus.

Why N95 Mask?

N95 respirators have proven to be the best face coverings for protection against airborne viruses. With a flexible nose clamp and user-friendly space, it helps form a tight seal. Indeed, the fit is perfect so that air flows through the mask and not around the edges. If worn properly, N95s have the capacity to filter out around 95 per cent of particles in the air, including the viruses that cause COVID-19.

According to research from the Pandemic Response Task Force, N95 masks are the most productive against Covid-19. They proved that if both the infected person and the second party were wearing N 95 masks, it would take 25 hours for the virus to spread, signifying that the protection offered by the mask is rock solid.

How N95 Masks Works?

N 95s are the authentic masks in the industry and come in different shapes. Some look like domes, whereas others like duckmole. Developed in a flat-fold, these are created in a three-panel type surface.

The soft, adjustable outer layers of the mask are designed to safeguard the essential part of the respirator. The fibres on the mask carry an electrostatic charge that catches particles passing, like a magnet. Large particles easily crash into the fibres and get trapped. The more particles are captured, the thicker fibres become.

At the same time, the tiniest particles move between the fibres, but air molecules join them. However, the pining around the surface makes them slowly hit the fibre and become trapped inside it.

The most difficult particles to get trapped in are medium-sized ones, as they slip between the fibres but don’t bounce around a lot. The Coronavirus comes typically under the midsize category. So, the electrostatic charge helps capture particles of all sizes and pull them out to air. It is the primary reason why N95 masks effectively protect against the COVOID-19 virus.


With these many benefits, the N95 mask is the perfect choice for your protection against viruses, especially COVID-19. While purchasing, ensure that you choose the authentic one that is verified and professionally developed.

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